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"No one understands the pain I'm feeling."

"Sometimes I think I'm losing my mind."

"My friends and family don't understand
why I still need to grieve."

"Will I ever feel really alive again now
that my spouse is gone?"

A death in the family is a heart wrenching experience that we must face eventually.  How can we help the people in our family as they cope with the normal feelings of grief experienced at the death of a spouse -- feelings
of confusion, loneliness, loss of identity and self esteem?

Joyful Again!, a program open to people of all faiths, is designed to help widowed persons move through bereavement and toward a state of psychological, spiritual and emotional wholeness.

Joyful Again! is based on the belief that with God's help
all things are possible; that through Him we can help ourselves and each other.

Having other widowed people with whom to share your feelings can help you find the strength to work through your grief and achieve personal growth
in the acceptance of your loss.

Joyful Again Brochure

View some pictures of the
Joyful Again

weekend at Alvernia Manor.
The photos were taken by a participant.


Our Lady of the Angels Welcomes You…
to the Provincial House grounds of the School Sisters of St. Francis of Christ the King and our Franciscan tradition of keeping Jesus central in our lives. Situated in the southwestern corner of the Archdioceses of Chicago, it offers a panoramic view of the Des Plaines valley.
    Our Lady of the Angels opens its doors extending hospitality to all who seek to deepen their spiritual lives allowing them the space and time to grow in their relationship with God.

The Rockford Dioceses is once again offering
Joyful Again retreats. Contact them at: bishoplane@rockforddiocese.org.

Calling all JA alumni. We need your e-mail address to include you in all future outings/events. E-mail us at joyfulagain7211@gmail.com.
Looking forward to hearing from you.





The Latest News!

“The winner of the Christmas appeal raffle $150 cash
prize is Mary O’Donnell.  Congrats Mary!”

New chapters in 2015 Las Vegas NV and Atlanta GA. We are growing!

On October 4th a THANK YOU dinner was held for Joyful Again volunteers to recognize the many hours of time, talent,and empathy they have devoted to helping the newly widowed find hope in their lives.Everyone enjoyed the fellowship, conversations, music, and the pig roast!  It was also a time for some people to meet in person volunteers that work in other locations from the one they always volunteer in, putting faces to the names they have only
heard in the past.

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Click on the image above to view a video about Joyful Again and its Mission.



For more information:
www.singlethroughloss.org or

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