Chicago Joyful Again! Chapter

Joyful Again!Helping widowed people move through bereavement toward spiritual and emotional wholeness

If you’ve been widowed, you know that it feels as though a part of your heart has been torn out!

If you haven’t been widowed, you can’t understand how long it takes for a widowed family member or friend of yours to “get back to normal” after the death of his or her partner.

Becoming widowed means every minute of your life has changed. It takes some time for you to adjust to and handle the stress that all of this constant change creates.


Orlando Joyful Again! Chapter

Orlando Joyful Again!No doubt you are signed in and waiting for your retreat to begin. “What have I gotten myself into? you may wonder. You are here because of the determination of one woman.

In 2004, a widow of 3 years was wondering why she was still struggling and yearning for a sense of peace. While visiting her son, she attended Mass where she noted an announcement for Joyful Again!.