Joyful Again!

Your compassion can help others.

As a peer minister, you’ll help other widows and widowers on their journeys

Once you’ve attended your own weekend, you may wish to help others as a peer minister. Joyful Again! is a 100% volunteer organization, there is no paid staff. We always welcome new volunteers to ensure the program stays alive and vibrant while greatly valuing those who’ve served the program for months or even years! And, we’ll guide you every step of the way!

Help a little or a lot

There are many different ways you can help, with varying levels of involvement. You can work with others or alone on your own time. You can serve on a regular schedule, once a year, as a substitute or simply for one-time projects, as needed. Each Joyful Again! weekend needs 2 coordinators and 6 facilitators, typically serving about 15 people.

  • Facilitators
  • You’ll enjoy the camaraderie of your peers and gain additional support for yourself while giving back. As a peer minister, you’ll lend an empathetic ear to those in need, helping to facilitate small group discussions.

  • Perhaps you’ve previously had similar peer ministry experiences with Cursillo, Marriage Encounter or Engaged Encounter, or are the widow of a Deacon, although these experiences are not necessary.

  • Commitment: Some stay for a short time, some for years. You may minister just one weekend a year or several, at one or a variety of locations.

  • You’ll come the first time as a greeter and stay as long as you wish. There is in-service training and you’ll be paired with experienced facilitators.

  • Coordinators & Behind the Scenes
  • There’s a lot that happens behind the scenes to help a weekend go smoothly.

  • We need people who have leadership qualities to organize and ensure programs run well. We also need greeters and food servers for a meal or two.

  • If you are technically inclined, helping set up and run the AV equipment is a necessary component.

  • Commitment: Some stay for a short time, some for years. You may minister just one weekend a year or several, at one or a variety of locations.

  • There is in-service training and team meetings between sessions during Joyful Again! weekends.

  • Administration
  • Mailings, computer updates and parish announcements can’t happen without you.

  • Some jobs are regularly scheduled, others are ad-hoc; some can be done on your time schedule at home, others meet in small groups to accomplish a task. Let us know what works for you and we’ll match you up.

  • Occasional fundraising projects, such as our annual Christmas Appeal Letter always need volunteers.

  • If you are a “people person,” parishes and senior organizations who are visited by a Joyful Again! representative will have a better understanding of the program and ability to refer participants.

  • Commitment: Could range from one project to you’re our “go-to” volunteer!

  • Board or Steering Committee Members
  • Steering Committee meets once a month and usually includes coordinators and facilitators.

  • The Board of Directors meets four times a year. They oversee the steering committee and ensure we are meeting the needs of widows and widowers and that the program is functioning well. Board members have some fundraising responsibility and are in the best position to spread the word to churches and other organizations. While not a requirement, board members often bring specialized skills to the table, such as accounting, marketing, fundraising, social work, etc. We are open to new ideas and do our best to be flexible. New members are welcome!

  • Commitment: Ideally, leadership volunteers will commit to Joyful Again! for at least one year.

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